Wayne Collier

Wayne Collier

Collier Marketing Consultants (CMC) are an independent Marketing and Media Specialists who have their main offices located in the Mid Essex. Due to their success they have recently set up satellite offices in Suffolk and Berkshire. Their unique service provision focuses on listening to what their clients require rather than providing a service which will not address the need.

As part of their bespoke solution, CMC deliver a combination of advertising, marketing and media solutions via both online and offline channels. Exposure across a wide range of different marketing platforms has proven to increasing Client’s profitability and return on investment.

CMC will assign a dedicated consultant who will help uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of a business. Subsequently they are able to deliver support around both business and personal development. Often when these areas are improved the outcome of the any marketing campaign, rebranding or product launch can be even more effective. As a result CMC clients have more opportunities which they can easily turn into valuable sales.

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