Your Team and Social Media. Social media along with your team around you are the most important assets in your business, you are the driving force behind your brand, products and services your decisions make an impact directly on the direction of your business you lead from the front make sure your team are behind you.

When was the last time you spent time and money on training within your business and learning about the power of social media, ask your team around you their thoughts. The world is changing so quickly because of the internet, how do you communicate your business message out and don’t do it without spending time and some money on training.

The word “social” = conversation. You always try and engage in conversation with customers, so also make sure you have conversations with your team around you. Don’t try and do it all on your own.

Participating in any form of social media takes a lot of work and time. First you have to have something to say, and then you need someone or a team of people to say it on a regular basis. It will not happen unless you have someone or a team of people ready to commit a big chunk of time to maintaining your social media presence.

With so many different ways to get connected, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Blogging to name but a few, however make sure you get your strategy in place before you start.

Remember social media remains one of the cheapest and most cost effective way to build relationships, drive traffic to your Blog or Website promote your business brand and services. Take advice, spend some money on training you and your staff, plan a strategy and get going.

When was the last time you had some training?

Conversation and communication is vital, if you need help, training or advice contact us and talk about your business.

Wayne Collier