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Wayne Collier

Professional Relationship Manager

Wayne Collier - Professional Relationship Manager

What does a relationship manager actually do? Apart from being a professional dating agency for businesses.

Create and enforce plans that will help meet the needs of customers
Build long-term relationships with clients and customers
Work quickly to address and resolve customer issues
Notify the sales team of new sales and cross-selling opportunities
Become familiar with the competition to stay ahead of them
Encourage high-sales and good customer service practices
Help promote and maintain a positive company image
Save money with better contacts
Professional introductions
Wayne Collier - Relationship Manager

About Wayne Collier

Retired entrepreneur with over 40 years’ experience developing and delivering outstanding results by growing SME businesses through a network of professional contacts, very hard working, fun loving family man with tradition values and a very modern outlook to life and business development growth.

My passion is helping others. I can add value to any business via my professional contacts and knowledge, working alongside clients and helping with their general Business Development turning figures and dreams into valuable profit into pot.

Personal details happily married for over 32 years with two grown up children, frustrated golf lover and keen overseas traveller.

Always happy to have a chat over the phone / zoom or a walk round a golf course.

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