About me is the easy part white English male all most fifty years young with no political views my only one regret in life so far that I should have studied at School, however we all make mistakes but I can’t turn the clock back nor would I want to as at the time I never had one of life’s crystal balls to checkout life or would have take advice on it.

I do hope this will be the first of many articles direct from me about my personal thoughts and views on a wide range of topics from Sport, Politics, Business and Lifestyle as seen through my eyes.

Please check any of the views posted by me in the future, when you check them out you may well find some will be correct through my eyes and others may well be contentious along with a few if not all may even be total rubbish however you need to decide and interact direct with me about them.

Whatever your race, region or cultural background, your views are important to me as I paint a wider picture of life, I have always been drawn to conversation and points of view and I look forward to interacting with you in the future.

Now at the top of my to do list is to start writing as I have always found myself fascinated by what influence us all in everyday life and how are differences effect’s everyone’s behaviour in different way’s…..My first blog will be about my recent train journey to London and how I was treated as a second class citizen.

My life is amazining now that I treat work and play together all as one big Social Media platform maybe you should do the same.

Hope to interact with you soon Wayne.