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Rude or Acceptable Practice

Wayne Collier the Social Media expert from Maldon, Essex said. If уου haven’t already noticed… thіѕ social media “trend” іѕ nο longer a trend аnd hаѕ become thе norm. Aѕ аn Social Media Manager іt іѕ mу job tο stay οn top οf whаt іѕ happening οn all the social media...

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Social Media a few basic rules for Business

Social Media a few basic rules for Business. Firstly I don’t apologise for writing about “Social Media” and the importance of it to all of us in business. For business along with our private lives things are changing across the world, already in our lives a few new...

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The Revolution that is Social Media

Whether you like it or not the Social Media Revolution is here! Everyone & their grandmother is on facebook, youtube, twitter, bebo, myspace, linkedin, Google & the list goes on & on & on……. And businesses are well aware of the fact that if they don’t...

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Share and share!

Share and share! I am a seasoned professional, which means I am “OLD” so when I started out in business some 35 years ago the challenge was to get our/your product “Known” within your market place, this was a costly exercise. Advertising and Marketing required very...

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Slow takeover!

Slow takeover or not! Increasingly I have been noticing that in most national media campaigns and on TV adverts things are just saying we can be followed on Twitter or viewed on Face book etc. So is Facebook slowly but surely behind the scenes taking over and...

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Networking! What, When, Why and How. Ok up until November 2010 my past experiences of any networking group had been poor, some of that because I personally could not be asked to attend, I was just dragged along as a guest to make the numbers up and see if I was mad...

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Vanishing! How visible is your business brand! Do you stand out from the crowd! How do people remember you, what makes you stand out from the crowd, when was the last time you stood back and thought about this in your business. When was the last time you had a good...

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Your Team and Social Media

Your Team and Social Media. Social media along with your team around you are the most important assets in your business, you are the driving force behind your brand, products and services your decisions make an impact directly on the direction of your business you...

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