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Money for FREE!

Households will be paid cash rewards to invest in small-scale green energy devices, such as turbines, hydro schemes and solar panels. From 1 April, households that use gadgets up to five megawatts in size – the equivalent of two full-sized wind-farm turbines – will be...

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Definitely not just for the BOY’s in Maldon.

Definitely not just for the BOY’s in Maldon. In sport it’s generally regarded that professional boxers are classed as very, very fit athletes from little fly weights up to the biggest of biggest heavy weights. In Maldon at the Old Ironworks Gym you ladies are very...

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Maldon networking group

Maldon has a new networking group!! Friday, 21st January saw the launch of the Maldon Business Network at the Oakhouse in Maldon High Street. With over 70 local business people attended which was a great turnout all due to the determination and drive of Stella...

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Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships..We are very much in a mobile world with everyone being able to be contacted 24/7 that’s why communication and information is the key to effective customer retention. If you really know and understand your customers you can them arrange the...

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Internet mail

Internet mail. E-mail marketing helps you keep your customers up to date with all your required information to keep them coming back by using attractive, professional looking e-mail communications so you can stay in regular touch with them. First job is to make use of...

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Boost your Brand with Social Media

Boost your Brand with Social Media. Social Media is just basically the communication of your brand on-line it offers you the opportunity to boost awareness through discussion and interaction and increased visible awareness by sharing with your community. Ways you can...

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Marketing plans

Marketing plans. A pivotal part of any successful marketing campaign in today’s market is to have a bespoke direct e-mail marketing plan. All it takes is a few e-mail addresses, design and a bit of thought and away you go. Quick let’s get going as before you know...

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Keywords! Every person and website owner has heard something about them, every search engine uses them, part of your “SEO” Search Engine Optimisation, will be linked to them, so we are talking “Keywords” Do you know the keywords which are linked or associated to your...

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Time is money!

Time is Money..Money,Money,Money.The stopwatch is ticking and I am told time is money so I better get on with this blog. Running around like a head-less chicken is not the answer and in any ones language it is right “time is money”. With this in mind I know only too...

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