Custom Designed QR Code

QR (Quick Response) codes are much talked about at the moment and rightly so. Personally I feel they look ugly, just a black barcode stuck in the middle of nowhere.

However more and more people are using mobile phones to access the internet, they can bring a new dimension to your advertising and marketing material anything that makes it easier for your customers to visit your website or be tracked must be helpful.

You will already notice them appearing on billboards, bus shelters, leaflets, magazines, but think about where else you could use them. How about on your website, so that folks can save the URL to your site direct to your smart phone. Your business card would look pretty cool with them on, and imagine how much easier to scan your business card information.

So before you embark on marking your static advertising come alive with a link to your website etc, think about how you can integrate them into your design or company logo.

They are still a new technology for the public to grasp but for businesses large or small they can be a great asset.

For more help and information on using different designs please do not hesitate to contact Wayne at Wayne Collier Company Limited “Making more of your business today”.