We all do it! Every year and why..Please can someone explain to me why at this time of year we start to focus on our New Year’s Resolutions? Ever since Julius Caesar established a start point for our calendar as January 1st in 46 BC and then the Romans started the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution along with the different celebrations and traditions around the world that take place, the one that we all nowadays get hooked into is our personal resolutions.

Personally I need to get fit and lose a little weight but waiting until the 1st January is just an excuse to put the start date off and as proved over the years for the month of January I will put starting off because I need to checkout the health clubs facilities to see what’s available in the local area. But it’s just more excuses not to start.

Then once I find what I am looking for, I will then say maybe I should start after the half term holiday in February, then hopefully the better weather comes along in spring time and the novelty wears off, then you start to focus on summer time and before you know where you are it will be Christmas and time to start thinking about the next year.

There is no need to wait for the New Year as around the Maldon area we have all the facilities that anyone could ever want open 12 months of the year so why oh why wait until January. Pick up the phone and contact them and stop giving excuses all the time.

Some of our great local facilities in and around the Maldon area are, The Blackwater Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool, Maldon Squash Club Pool and Gym, Madison Heights Bowling, The Old Iron Works Gym, Curves, Maldon Golf Club, Maldon Bowls Club, Forrester Park Golf and Tennis Club and Swimming Pool, Maldon Cycle Club, Maldon Hockey and numerous Martial Arts Club’s and Fitness Sessions just to name but a few along with the established Heybridge and Maldon Football Clubs, Cricket and Rugby Club.

There can be no more excuses from anyone any more even if you’ve got no money just go for a walk or cycle. So don’t just wait for the New Year to come along, get off your backsides and get going and I may even see you around walking, jogging or even riding your bike.

There is so much choice for everyone around the Maldon area regardless of your sex or age, so think about it, as it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.