If you are struggling to grow your audience via Facebook perhaps you might like to take a look at a FACEBOOK Advert Campaign?

Facebook ads are the little images displayed on the side of the website; they are usually informing you of a product or service while browsing your friend’s profiles. Many people think of them as online versions of billboards with the added business benefit of a website link. They allow a business to inform and persuade their potential customers and then allow them to simply click on the ad to visit the company’s website.

Why use ads on Facebook instead of other sites?

Facebook has already become the largest social network and is likely to soon become the most visited website on the planet, surpassing even Google. Despite so many different types of people visiting the website, its creators have created an easy to use system. A person with a wealth of online advert knowledge will be able to utilise the platform and drive considerable amounts of traffic.

Once you decide to go for it there are just 4 main stages you’ll go through and those are:

Identifying your goals and what you want to achieve with your advert.

  • Defining who you want to reach with your advert.
  • Creating your ad and setting your budget.
  • Understanding Facebook’s advert policies and their approval process.

You can monitor how well your ads are performing and edit them if necessary too.

For more help and information please do not hesitate to contact Wayne Collier at www.waynecolliersocialmedia.info