[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=right]Maldon is located on the east coast of Essex situated at the head of the River Blackwater estuary. I was born in Maldon and have so far lived all my life in and around the Maldon area, overtime my home town has become very special to me. As the years have passed it has taken me personally a while to appreciate some of the great things around my local area.

For the historians out there Maldon is steeped in history and is listed as one of the oldest recorded towns in the County of Essex as the records date back to Saxon times. The Battle of Maldon in 991 AD when the Vikings raided the East Coast, along with a mention about Maldon in the Domsday book.

All of the above has never been much of an interest to me, as history was never my subject however the estuary, port and promenade park area has always been a special place for me with great memories from a young age.

Personally I view the Hythe Quay area and Promenade Park all as one, over the years the only real change has been the refurbishment and removal of the salt water swimming pool and its replacement with an ornamental lake and amphitheatre.

The park apart from its formal gardens and many sports pitches it plays host to a variety of different events throughout the year. The park is maintained and managed by the local council to a high standard.

Now on to why it’s special to me, I love the part that links them all together, the Blackwater Estuary and more importantly for me the walk along the river from Tesco stores car park at the Fullbridge across the main road and then back along the river bank past the Hythe Quay and the Promenade to the Yacht Club.

The walk will take you less than an hour depending if you stop at any of three public houses on route, (The Welcome Sailor, The Jolly Sailor and my favourite The Queens Head). Along with the business premises and numerous residential homes some renovated and a few new builds makes a nice mix of properties along the river walk until you get to the Hythe quay area.

At the quay area you can see many barges moored up, some which have been lovingly restored, the sailing barges or “Thames Barges” as I am told to call them. Some of the Thames Barges are still in use today to carry cargo goods and a few are used for chartered boat trips.

The continuation of your walk will take you through to The promenade park area which has a host of Ice cream hut’s and kiosks to choose from around the lake area or visit grass area for ball games and picnics’ etc before you make you way to end of the sea wall at the Yacht Club.

So if you are looking for a day out or just a short walk why not come to Maldon and see for yourself, don’t just take my word for it.