Motorway Service Stations…..Ok before anyone starts I know a lot has been written on how much a rip off the food and drinks are but being that I am a frequently motorway driver I feel they are a must and as a service to the motorist we need more of them across our motorway network.

The reason for my writing today, I have found a very good way to find out if it’s a good services before you pull in and stop, because I am a caring soul I will let you all in on my findings.

Dating back to our first motorway the M1 and then in 1976 the number 4 hit single “CONVOY” by ex Radio One DJ Dave Lee Travis (DLT) or “The Hairy Monster” now I am showing my age. As the song went along the lines off “Newport Pagnell, Toddonigton and even Watford Gap etc, etc,”.

We have always had a great regard for our motorway services, we all moan about them but really we love em with a passion, like a lot of folk I have visited my fair share over the years and as I get older I seem to be having to visit them more and more but that’s a different story, all to do with my age so I am told.

Listed are seven of what I personally feel are some of the better one’s across the Country. I know once you look and read the list you will say straight away, all right then some of these are newer services stations and that’s why the facilities are better but I have found out another way of checking.

M6 Toll Road Norton Canes, M6 Stafford North bound, M1 Northampton, M4 Reading, M3 Winchester, M27 Rowehams Southampton and M25 Clacket Lane Kent.

Because of large format advertising and marketing opportunity at the side of a motorway on the entrance slip way into the Motorway Service station area, my conclusion is, if the motorway services sign out on the motorway has got a Costa Coffee logo on it, the chances are the facilities inside should be ok as the seven above are.

Personally speaking I prefer the taste of Starbucks coffee when I am out on the road, however experience over the years has shown and taught me that the coffees as always have a great taste but the surroundings around the coffee shop areas aren’t that great in my opinion at other motorway service areas.

I might be wrong about this, have you got any thoughts on this or is it just a strange coincidence that the seven service stations that I visit regularly have a Costa Coffee Shop within them.