Twitter LogoSocial media is now one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy, Twitter is now a prominent platform and a great way to continually promote your brand. But for a small business, managing the day-to-day work can be a full time job on it’s own.

It is important to tweet, retweet, reply, mention, promote, and that’s just on one social media platform! Today there are loads of tools to help youauto-post your tweets to ensure you social media presence. Here are just a few more reasons why scheduling your tweets is a no-brainer.

Save Time: So much to do and think about, tweeting throughout the day is likely the last thing on your mind. Scheduling your tweets allows you to spend a few minutes prepping everything you want to say, and the rest of the day taking care of business.

More Exposure with Less Effort: Scheduling your tweets save time and effort, also schedules your tweets for exposure. Have an important announcement that you want to save for peak hours? No problem. Want to make sure tweet in the Morning, Afternoon, Evening and throughout the Night or over the Weekend make sure you get your message out.

Your Audience: Not only is scheduling tweets useful for you, you’re also doing a good deed for your followers. But spacing out your tweets throughout the day offers well-paced interaction that keeps them engaged.

Your Message: Twitter is often confused with posting a lot. In reality, as with many things, quality over quantity wins out. Scheduling tweets lets you craft thoughtful content that contributes to your larger brand goals.

Increase Your Social Presence: If you’d like to be more active on Twitter scheduling tweets will help solve that problem. Not only will you create a consistent presence, you will also help your overall social reputation.

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