Share and share! I am a seasoned professional, which means I am “OLD” so when I started out in business some 35 years ago the challenge was to get our/your product “Known” within your market place, this was a costly exercise.

Advertising and Marketing required very large budgets whoever had the most money would win, with TV at the top of the tree.

Now with all the 21st century opportunities and the implementation of Social Media it has revolutionised the work environment and the way we work. A few years ago the concept of walking around and doing business from a laptop or even a mobile phone would have be thought of as science fiction or even from a James Bond film.

With all these changes Social Media has become the cornerstone for companies to really interact in a different way with its audience. Your website has become more than just a business card on line it’s your shop window to show what you do.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn along with others have got power. Just think how social media played a role in the deposing of some Middle Eastern dictators and then you can start to estimate what it could do for your business.

Be Social, Be Seen is my message.

Many business people still do greatly misunderstand Social Media don’t become one of them, Look at it as an organiser, ensuring all the right people are at the party, interacting with everyone so that there is no lack of conversation.