Slow takeover or not! Increasingly I have been noticing that in most national media campaigns and on TV adverts things are just saying we can be followed on Twitter or viewed on Face book etc.

So is Facebook slowly but surely behind the scenes taking over and replacing company domain names.

Advertisers want us to interact with their product or brand and so many corporate websites are boring, people can’t remember web addresses but they can remember a product name or a company name.

With half the UK’s population now having a Facebook page, that they can access from computers anywhere or a mobile phone, it’s become a way of life. Quicker than picking up the yellow pages to find a business just type the name or product name in the search bar it’s so easy.

Facebook pages are so much more user friendly to use than a directory or a corporate website also you are encouraged to join the community and interact with the brand in a personal way, along with the fact that you will probably get a direct response.

Please do comment on this, Let me know what you think as I don’t think it will take over domain names and replace web pages, but I do think it will work alongside as another valuable tool to market your business from.


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