Social Media a few basic rules for Business. Firstly I don’t apologise for writing about “Social Media” and the importance of it to all of us in business. For business along with our private lives things are changing across the world, already in our lives a few new words have entered into our everyday vocabularies: Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 4square, LinkedIn to name but a few.

Social Media has really taken off beyond what anyone could have expected just a few years ago. Both individuals using it for fun and businesses looking to connect with customers are finding that it can bring benefits that would be hard to achieve in the offline world.

But to benefit from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, make sure you follow a few basic rules to help you really feel the full force of what social media can provide:

Be Active: There is little point signing up for a social media account if you only use it once a month and never interact with people. Update information and communicate with key connections on a regular basis to stay visible. Try setting aside half an hour or so per day that is dedicated social media time.

Be Relevant: Have you ever read something and thought “so what?” afterwards? Avoid these messages in your social media material, including Tweets and Facebook status updates. You will not create a buzz for your business if what you say is not relevant to the people you want to connect with.

Make the Right Connections: Do not think that just because you have followed 2000 people you are a Twitter expert. Or because you are connected to 500 people on LinkedIn you are a networking guru. It’s all about making the right connections. What is the point of connecting with someone who has no link to your area of business or affiliation with your audience? It makes much more sense to target relevant people you know are interested in your services.

So if you struggle to know what to tweet, comment or mention or are unsure of how to connect with the right people, contact Wayne Collier and Co who can either manage your campaigns for you, or train you how to do so yourself. Please remember it’s all about making the right connections. It’s not how many people you connect with, but who you connect with that’s important in the world of Social Media.

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