Whether you like it or not the Social Media Revolution is here! Everyone & their grandmother is on facebook, youtube, twitter, bebo, myspace, linkedin, Google & the list goes on & on & on…….

And businesses are well aware of the fact that if they don’t start using these technologies to communicate with customers & subscribers they are going to fall behind their competition FAST!

Social Media has created a new position in many businesses. The duties of a Social Media Manager is to manage all the social media of the business & thus increase the businesses brand recognition, build strong relationships with customers & potential customers & thus increase their sales & get more revenue per customer.

Most business owners now know if they don’t start using & embracing social media that they’re going to fall behind their competition. Think about it, of all the local restaurants in your area, if you are friends with one of them on facebook & you’re constantly seeing their brand, their website, their menu & their special offers aren’t you more likely to go visit that restaurant over the others.

Of course providing the business fundamentals of the restaurant such as good food & good customer service are there. But all these being equal the restaurant that’s in front you everyday when you go look at your facebook page is more likely to get your business. Businesses now know this and need people to mange their facebook, twitter & other social media properties.

Wayne Collier Social Media making social media work for your business. Start thinking: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare, Blogging then you will be starting to move in the right direction today.

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