Value for money, It’s not often you can say or hear people say that’s value for money but I can about my company’s website. It’s essential in today’s market to keep your costs to a minimum and for once we did just that and I can prove it.

We needed what I call is a business card on-line just an information page about our company, just contact details and our services etc, but also I wanted the use of a blogging platform and we found it all in one place.

We chose a site template because it’s FREE yes free to use for all personal or commercial websites and blogs. WordPress is I am told an open source software that’s free to download. The only costs involved to us for our site was the purchase of the Domain name and a Hosting package a total out lay of just less than Fifty pounds.

So for just Fifty pounds we gained a presence and a voice online for 12 months along with my blogging platform so that can’t be bad can it, the only requirement for us was that we needed to be able to update and change some of our information instantly which we can.

What value for money as I think you can see, so please remember you need not spend the earth to have a professional on-line website, all it takes is a little time patience and the ability to type and read.

Please check on-line about wordpress along with other companies who offer value for money websites. All the information required that you ever need to know about free templates can be found on-line it just takes a little time but I am sure it will be worth a look.

I hope this will save you some time and money like it did us, and just think for only fifty quid you gain access to a worldwide audience.